Renting for your event’s success!
* Special Events * Concerts * Fairs * Seasonal Businesses * Security * Sporting Events *

Radioland can contribute to your event’s success! We have an impressive inventory of portable communication devices available for rental.

Portable Rental Includes:
Belt Clip
Also available:
Additional Batteries
Head sets (for some models)
Speaker Microphones

What you can expect when receiving your rental equipment
• Units to be fully charged and ready to use upon pick-up or delivery.
• Dependable equipment

All rentals are quoted individually
Delivery is available (prices vary depending on location)
Quantity Discounts Available
Long-term Rental Discounts also Available

Information Needed to Complete an Order
We will need to know the following in order to provide you with a quote:
• How many units would you like to rent?
• What will the beginning and ending date of the rental be?
• What is the desired coverage area (On-site (1-2 miles) or Wide Area)?
• How many channels will you need?
• Do the rented radios need to work with any existing radios?